Garage Innovation Hub

As Garage Innovation Hub, we create value with internal innovation competencies and collaborate with the external innovation ecosystem. Innovative ideas come to flourish with cutting-edge technologies and new business models.


What is Garage Innovation Hub?

We act as a bridge between the ecosystem and Arçelik by working as a facilitator in order to benefit from the knowledge, experience, and connections among ecosystem players such as startups, mentors, investors, and relevant non-governmental organisations, private and public institution representatives.

We hope to share and bring innovative ideas to success by working together through the entrepreneurship and innovation activities and events that Garage Innovation Hub hosts both inside and outside the institution. 

As Garage Innovation Hub, we have two main missions:

- To create, expand, and spin-off new technologies and business models in areas other than Arçelik's core competencies (Blockchain, Extended Reality, Metaverse).

- To implement innovation and entrepreneurship programs both within and outside of Arçelik.

What Matters to Us

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Seek and Adapt to changes smartly and rapidly; learn from mistakes, start and fail.​

Imagine what is on the horizon next, see the opportunity; set the right goals, believe in the idea​.

Create & look for new ideas based on market potential and customer needs.

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Impact the world. Start each day with the determination to make better, do better and be better for our customers, employees, and our partners​.

Embrace differences, working in cross-functional groups as one team.​

Collaborate with global entrepreneurs and partners to discover new business opportunities and form the right solutions with added value​.

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Turn solutions into a spin-off business that maintains and develops new ​variations​.

Create the right processes for venture building projects, startup collaboration​.

Start small, think big, seek products & services that can be globally scalable.​


Startup Friendly Company

Although corporate organisations' collaboration with new generation startups has become a powerful trump card, it is not always easy to work together efficiently, set mutual expectations, and act in accordance with different ways of doing business.

As Arçelik, we started to develop Startup Friendly Applications in order to develop and expand cooperation alternatives with startups. In this context, we have established Arçelik Startup-Friendly Applications on the following three verticals (Dare, Connect, Venture) based on the Arçelik Innovation strategy, and we have listed the startup-friendly applications that we have implemented so far under each heading:

Startup Friendly Company Manifesto

We Dare

We believe that in order to stimulate innovation, it is essential to try new things on a regular basis. We're always on the search for something new, and we aim to learn something new with every try. Regardless of the outcome, we consider every new experience a win, and we are not hesitant to develop or implement new technologies that are consistent with our corporate strategy.

  1. We conduct proof-of-concept (PoC) studies to pave the way for working with startups, and we develop these studies in collaboration with the startups.
  2. We are creating environments where new initiatives can come together through programs including Incubation, Acceleration, and Hackathon. We adapt our programs with each new experiment based on what we've learnt in the previous one.
  3. We evaluate our current processes and make them traceable in order to work with initiatives at an early stage or at different levels.
  4. We are interested in new industry and technology applications such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and blockchain, not only and directly for Arçelik's core competencies.
  5. We can develop startup collaborations in various application fields such as Marketing, Human Resources, R&D, Production, Quality, Logistics, Customer Relations, Occupational Health.
  6. We also form non-profit collaborations to create a positive social impact.

We Connect

We believe that being open to cooperation with everyone and every institution and diversity is necessary to develop innovation. We establish and encourage collaborations where we can inspire and get inspired by shared success. We collaborate, listen, and encourage communication with all partners in the global ecosystem as part of our open innovation policy.

  1. We pave the way for a common language to make communication easier and, we share our "Arçelik – Startup Collaboration Guide" with interested parties before our collaborations.
  2. In addition to our offices and events where we are physically present and interact, we interact online through holistic channels via Garage Innovation Hub Portal.
  3. We participate in global and local innovation ecosystems, meet new initiatives through various programs, and introduce them to our own networks.
  4. We form university collaborations that allow us to connect academic initiatives with young entrepreneurs.
  5. We assemble our enterprises with the right people within our organisation and create opportunities for maximum benefit.
  6. We prioritise collaboration in our Incubation, Acceleration, and other innovation programs. We operate programs together by establishing partnerships.
  7. We hold meetings before our cooperation begins to communicate and understand our expectations.
  8. We identify the ambassadors who will establish the first contact with the ecosystem and make them competent by identifying "Innovation Champions" within the organisation.

We Venture

We believe it is necessary to develop and improve in order to create value through innovation. We understand that by taking into consideration all potential stakeholders, we can mutually create social and commercial benefits. The critical players of the ecosystem know the expectations of the enterprises. We, on the other hand, aim to expand the ecosystem through practices that protect mutual benefit. And we take new steps to reduce the bureaucracy barrier with each passing day.

  1. We create lean contracts that protect both parties' rights specific to venture collaborations.
  2. We pave the way for upfront or short payment terms for startups willing to try new things but with limited opportunities.
  3. We consider what value we can create together with external inventors, and we run a Patent Scouting Program that is available to everyone and can be applied at any time.
  4. We strive to build value through mutually beneficial approaches in our technology licensing process, thanks to the Patent Scouting Program.
  5. We raise awareness of the initiatives we collaborate with by displaying them on the Garage Innovation Hub portal. We refer to them.
  6. We determine our target audience and cooperate with them to design programs that meet their needs and expectations.


As Garage Innovation Hub, we continue to increase our efforts in a focused and motivating way to enable Arçelik to do sufficient and respectable work in the global innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem with a great team from many different fields of expertise.

We are delighted to share with you our incredible team, with various characters but sharing the same values that brought all these achievements to life, some of which you can witness on the Garage Innovation Hub Portal.


Abdullah Ertuğ

Senior Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Ecosystem Developer

Aslı Yorulmazel Ertürk

Strategic Designer - Senior Team Lead

Aydın Öğüt

Senior Specialist-Technology Design & Development

Aykut Hocaoğlu

Startup Program Coordinator

Aylin Görgün

Software Engineer

Batuhan Şahin

Ecosystem and Entrepreneurship Improvement Consultant

Betül Fatma Erkoç

Software Engineer

Beyza Atasayar

Specialist - Strategic Design

Çağlar Kılcıoğlu

Chief Hacker

Can Bakır

Chief Explorer

Cem Avcı

Chief Designer

Emirhan Burak Yüce

Software Engineer / Tech Enthusiast


King of Motivation

Faruk Kaledibi

Senior Lead - Technology Design and Development

Hazal Bulutçu

Associate-Technology Design&Development

İrem Taner


Kaya Ulusay

Business Model & UX Design Senior Specialist

Mehmet Serhat Akçay

Jr. Startup Programs Coordinator

Melih Tosun

Associate - Technology Design and Development

Merve Alev

Senior Business Designer

Mustafa Bucak

King of Scouting

Nisa Tuncay

Community Manager

Okan Akdoğan

Computer Vision & ML Specialist

Özge Akça

Strategic Designer - Associate

Özlem Aran

Open Innovation Program Support Staff

Pınar Köse Kulacz

Innovation Director

Rüya Arslan

Strategic Designer Associate

Sena Kırık

Senior Strategic Designer

Serap Enes

Lead- Business Designer

Umut Uygun

Technology and Design Development

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