Patent Scouting Program

Startups, academics and all inventors, you can commercialise your applied or protected inventions with Arçelik.

You can evaluate your inventions through the Arçelik Patent Scouting Program in various ways, including licensing to Arçelik, transferring your licenses, becoming an investor or supplier.

It is an open innovation program created for inventors who want to commercialize their applied or protected inventions with Arçelik.

Applications in all areas of Arçelik's interest and work will be examined and if found appropriate, you will be contacted for an interview.  We do not expect you to already own a company or have started a venture. You can evaluate it in different ways such as licensing to Arçelik, transferring your licenses, becoming an investor or supplier. Answering the following two questions before applying to the program will facilitate your application process.

Does the potential use of your invention cover the following areas?

  • Refrigerator
  • Washing machine
  • Dryer
  • Dishwasher
  • TV
  • Cooker, Oven, Hood, Microwave
  • Small household appliances (kitchen, cleaning, personal care, etc.)
  • IoT
  • 3D printer

Is your expectation from your cooperation with Arçelik compatible with one of the following topics? 

  • Co-development
  • Licensing
  • License transfer
  • Investment
  • Being a supplier

  • Program Application

    Fill out the form on the Portal to send us your applications.

  • Evaluation of the Invention by the Prefiltration Team

    The invention and its subject matter are evaluated by the pre-filtering team.

  • Directing the Invention to the Related Unit

    If the evaluation results are positive, the invention is directed to the appropriate Arçelik unit.

  • Invention Evaluation of the Related Unit

    The relevant unit evaluates the invention and its subject.

  • Signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement with the Inventor

    If the results of the relevant units' evaluations are positive, the inventor is contacted and, a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) is signed.

  • Organizing In-Depth Meetings

    The inventor exchanges documents and information with Arçelik's relevant unit and intellectual property team, in-depth meetings are organized.

  • Selecting the Collaboration Alternative

    The option for collaboration (purchasing a license, developing technology, or becoming a supplier) between Inventor and Arçelik is decided.

  • Contract Preparation and Signature

    In the event of a cooperation decision, a contract is prepared and signed by deciding on the legal and commercial terms.

  • Making the Payment According to the Terms of the Contract

    Studies are carried out, and payments are made in accordance with the method of cooperation agreed upon in terms of the contract.

"How Can We Support?"


Invention Valuation

We enable your invention to gain commercial value with different alternatives such as licensing to Arçelik, transferring your licenses, becoming an investor or supplier.

Meeting with the Consumer

We support you in integrating your invention with Arçelik products and services that have a large consumer base.

Frequenty Asked Questions

Answers to all questions about the programs are here!

Unfortunately, only inventions whose applications have been made in any country are evaluated in the program.

Your application will be reviewed by the jury team within 15 days, and you will receive positive or negative feedback via e-mail.

The program's application terms and conditions ensure confidentiality in mutual information transfer. A separate contract will be made if it is decided to use the invention within the company. Working with a different company will become a restriction from now on.

It will be advantageous if the subject of the invention is within Arçelik's field of expertise. You can, however, apply to the program by selecting the "other" option for your inventions in various fields that fit Arçelik's vision, strategy, and goals.