Hack the Normal

It is more critical than ever to effectively manage the crisis dynamics and take action that will make a difference through an agile and collaborative approach in the era of the worldwide COVID-19 issue. While the crisis' effects can be felt all over the world, we believe that organically growing and connecting solidarity can help to strengthen individual, community, and organisational health, safety, and well-being.

Arçelik offers a technological and organizational structure that will allow ideas to be realized in addition to the ventures it undertakes to accomplish its digital transformation vision, and the Hack the Normal hackathon was organized on May 15-17, 2020 in collaboration with ATÖLYE.

Hack the Normal has supported the participants in developing new products, services, and business models with commercialisation potential under the headlines of "Healthy Living, Sustainable Living, and Social Life" by addressing the "new normal" phenomenon that the world is gradually facing and discovering together.

In the period called "new normal", "How can a positive effect be created on the "new normal" lifestyle at home, which entered our lives with the COVID-19 crisis?" was the starting point.

Turkey's largest digital hackathon was realised with the support of 111 partners and 180 mentors to the idea marathon, in which +1000 applications were received from 31 different cities from 5 different countries and 53 teams participated.

Expertise and Technology Focus Areas

Sustainable Living

Healthy Living

Social Life

  • Receiving Individual and Team Applications

    Creation of an online form containing the contact details of the participants, their current occupation, and their anticipated roles during the hackathon.

  • Selection of Participants

    Participants register via an online form that includes their contact information, open-source username, preferred programming languages, and resource-related interests. Participants are selected according to the hackathon areas.

  • Creation of Teams

    Participants choose teams according to their interests, following the rule that they must be from different fields of expertise.

  • Hackathon

    The teams will receive training in different areas such as problem discovery, research, solution development, prototyping, and storytelling, and attend seminars where experts in their fields will take part as speakers. During the hackathon, participants get the chance to develop their projects and refine their ideas by receiving mentorship from experts from different disciplines and fields.

  • Post-Hackathon

"How Can We Support?"


Process Monitoring

Participation in acceleration and incubation programs, access to users, and ecosystem.


We offer participants the opportunity to receive mentoring support from experts in their fields.

Product Development

We provide the opportunity to receive training and attend seminars in different fields such as research, prototyping, and storytelling.

Promotion and Business Model

We provide "business model" support for the intellectual property rights of the teams, as well as promotion and sales opportunities to reach customers through communication channels.


Frequenty Asked Questions

Answers to all questions about the programs are here!

Projects can be submitted to the hackathon at any stage (idea, prototype, ready-made product, product pivot, etc.).

Applications will be evaluated criteria based on their impact, applicability, and commercialization.

Individuals are eligible to apply to the hackathon, but they are expected to join a team or form their own teams before the event. There will be time allocated for team formation just before the start of the hackathon.

During the team formation phase (see the previous answer), teams who need more members can invite individual participants to their teams

Teams can be between 3-7 people.